IMG_5550 copy

Bell Island_Day 07

On our very last morning of the build, we finished up by placing finishing touches on the gabion baskets,...

IMG_5467 copy

Bell Island_Day 06

Our last full day of work was an incredible one!

IMG_6696 copy

Bell Island_Day 05

On our fifth day on Bell Island, we had the pleasure receiving help from members of the Wabana community.

IMG_5411 copy

Bell Island_Day 04

By our fourth day, we had everything set up and now it was time for the real labour-intensive work.

IMG_5361 copy

Bell Island_Day 03

Though the weather was less-than-desirable on Day 3 of our build, our spirits were not dampened as we had...

IMG_5334 copy

Bell Island_Day 02

On our first morning on Bell Island, we were all eager to get to the museum to assess the...


Bell Island_Day 01

After an early morning flight from Toronto, The Culture of Outports crew arrived in St. John's Newfoundland excited to...

Master Shipbuilders Vol2 CVR Mock

Book Launch: Master Shipbuilders of Newfoundland and Labrador – Vol. 2

Come join us for another exciting book launch!


Thanks to All the Firefighters and Volunteers!

Thank you to Derek Sceviour, Roy Byrne, Allen Decker and all of our dedicated Firefighters;…

Botwood Construction Drawings_revised_Page_01

Construction Details

Documenting our latest build

The view from here

The View From Here

The true meaning of community.

Botwood Culture of Outports Team

Newfoundland Hospitality

From early phone conversations and dialogue on our facebook page to our eventual meeting in Botwood, Janis Boone


So Long, but Not Goodbye!

After a whirlwind week in Botwood, it was hard to catch our plane back to Toronto.

Culture of Outports Team Botwood

Youth Engagement in Botwood

Amongst all of the volunteers, one teenager stood out.


A Taste of Botwood

Botwood felt like home and tasted even better!


Botwood’s Volunteer Archivist

The rich history of Botwood is in good hands.

Facebook-Central Divers

Our Home Away from Home

Our stay at the Exploits Hostel was most enjoyable, from our initial arrival, to…

The Queen's Own Rifle Regiment

Sarah Finds a Familiar Face

What a small world, Sarah discovers photos of her Grandfather in Botwood, NL

Nan & Pop's Place

Home Sweet Home

Today, on the final day of our Botwood Community Build, we had the pleasure of dining at the home…

The Viewfinder

Build Day 5: The Final Stretch

Snow, snow and more snow.

15 IMGP3211

Honourary Newfoundlanders At Last

What is screech and why do I have to kiss a cod?


Headed for the Airbase

With the structure loaded and ready to go, we paraded down Water Street to the site.


Build Day 4: Leaving the Botwood Fire Hall

The snow tried to get the better of us!

homemade chili

Supper time!

After a busy morning and a tiring afternoon, dinner and supper revive us.


CBC Interview

Winter beware, we're here to build!


Build Day 3

Learning to build, from the floor up.


Build Day Two

A well-deserved celebration.


Cod Today

Good food all the time.


This is how you get things done in Newfoundland!

Construction kickoff was a success with amazing support from the community!!


Design Iterations

Back to the drawing boards!


Moving the Lumber is a Great Workout

Making way for the build!


Clearing the Site: Shoveling

The challenges of shoveling snow in Newfoundland.

Pool Games at the BBG

Pool Sharks

The Botwood Boys & Girls Club invited us in for a friendly game of pool

Ice Candle Set-up

Reclaiming the Airbase

Glowing ice candles revive the memory of the Botwood airbase.

Town Hall Mtg

Building a Team

After a positive community meeting on Sunday, we returned to Town Hall with a revised design concept.

the viewfinder

Day 2: Design Updates

weather station site image-1


With the…

I wish this was

Jigg’s Supper

It doesn't get much better than this! Supper with new friends.

Alana and Ev_LandingPoints

Flying Boats, Snow Mobiles & Muskets

Learning about the history of Botwood

flying boat

1st Site Visit

Despite the snow and hail we braved the storm and hiked out to the site.

Ice Candles

DIY Ice Candle Videos

How to make an ice candle in 5 easy steps

CBC Central Morning

CBC Central Morning Radio

Check out our radio interview on CBC Central Morning Newfoundland and Labrador.

We’re just one day away from our…

Botwood Group Photo

Botwood Invasion

Come down to meet us on Sunday February 16 at the Kinsmens' Club in Botwood

How To - Ice Candles

Ice Candles

5 easy steps to making an ice candle with objects you have at home.

workshop2 copy

WORKSHOP #4: Schematic Design

The students met last night to present their preliminary concepts for the airbase.


WORKSHOP #3: Early Ideas

The team met last night for their 3rd workshop, and with only 15 days until their departure for Botwood,...



The team met last night for their second workshop and the students presented their findings from their first assignment….


Workshop #1: Culture of Outports Welcomes the 2014 Team!

Culture of Outports welcomes student participants Denver, Courtney, Margot, Sarah, Kate & Annie from Ryerson University to the 2014...

2014 Winter Build

Next Stop: Botwood NL

Culture of Outports is officially headed to Botwood, Newfoundland and Labrador this February for our first ever Winter Community...

Downhome Magazine -1

Spotlight in Downhome Magazine

Downhome Magazine's November 2013 Issue highlight our recent work in Port Union.

Port Union

Port Union: A Lesson of History to Build for the Future

Jordan Chittley features the most recent Culture of Outports project in Port Union on Yahoo! Canada News.

Master Shipbuilders of Newfoundland and Labrador: Vol. 1

Book Launch: Master Shipbuilders of Newfoundland & Labrador – Vol. 1

Join us for a book launch and signing this Saturday in St. John's.

Cod au Gratin

The Flavours of Newfoundland

When travelling to Newfoundland, bring your appetite!

Little Catalina - Vision

Little Catalina – Boardwalk & Foot Bridge

Little Catalina proposes an extension to the boardwalk with a viewing platform and a foot bridge to the beach.

Skate Park

Building back a community, one skate park at a time

Find out what's been happening in Port Union since Foundation Square was completed.

Catalina Build Site

Catalina – The Learning Lab

Across the Catalina Elementary School, the community proposes for a learning lab to enrich the experience of the students...

Melrose -Down by the shore line

Melrose – The Viewing Platform

Melrose proposes to build a platform that provides the youths and elders of Trinity Bay North (TBN) and its...

Port Union Bonfire

Building a Newfoundland for ThirtySomethings

Last week our project was featured in the Globe and Mail, a nod to the hard work and dedication...

Aerial View of the Foundation Square

Ryerson Today highlights Culture of Outports 2013

Architectural Science students revamp a waterfront community in Trinity Bay North, Newfoundland

Lights of Trinity Bay North

CBC St. John’s The Morning Show features Culture of Outports 2013

Have you ever had a chance to describe something on the radio?

An instant success with the kids!

Work Hard. Play Harder!

It was a bittersweet night for the Build Team.

Arranging the logs around the firepit

Mission Accomplished

Today marked our last day of construction!

orange! he's doing his thang on the cat...err...boardwalk!

Build Day 4: Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

It was a sunny day...somewhere else!


Help is a’plenty!

We get by with a little help from our friends.


Hot Meal on a Cold Day

Day 3 and we have 8 posts and 4 beams in place!  We’ve been on our feet since 8…

Did I mention they're heavy?

Build Day 3

After a strategic planning meeting with the design team last night we were ready to hit the ground running…

The volunteers wait until the weeping tiles are buried in place

Build Day 2

5 piers later and we are ready to sleep.  Today represented a big step in the completion of our…

Brainstorming ideas for "I Wish This Was"

1 Design, 2 Designs, 3 Designs, 4

We decided it wasn’t enough to do just one build this year, so we’ve taken up the challenge of…


What is it that you’re doing out there?

We have worked through the design, presented to various community groups of Trinity Bay North, and we are currently...

Moose tracks! (We prefer the ice cream)

Moose sighting… sort of

We hiked along Murphy’s Cove Trail after supper in search of a moose.  While we were unsuccessful in our…

Elijah having too much fun

Of Lobsters and Love

Today was a big day!

4 piles are installed!

First day of Construction in Port Union

Steel-toed boots are on and construction is underway!

Dinner at Bonavista Social Club

Bonavista Social Club

The team dined at the Bonavista Social Club, a new ‘hot spot’ in the community for foodies, visitors and...

Coaker-influenced water ways

Bonavista Walking Tour

The team tours Bonavista, one of the largest and oldest communities in Newfoundland.

Brainstorming ideas for "I Wish This Was"

Open Studio at the Manager’s House

Today the team finally presented our concept for each of the builds inside the Manager's House in Port Union.

Designing on site

Design at One to One

The build team designing on site on a nice sunny day!

It was a big bonfire

Sparky Says

Sparky says learn not to burn.

Men (and Women) at work!

The Stoop

If you’re looking for us, you can usually find us here on the stoop with Bruce, Harold and Nev….

Shelley on the dance floor

A Kitchen Party, a Birthday and a Platform

Last night the community of Melrose hosted a kitchen party in St. Patrick’s Parish Hall, with lots of good…


Tour of the Salt Fish Factory

Yesterday morning, the group took part in a tour of the old salt fish processing plant which is now…


And Then There Were Lights

It’s day 5 and the Lights of Trinity Bay North are up! The community came out for the...

Doug shares his ideas

Foresight for Four Sites

Today, the Culture of Outports 2013 team began brainstorming design ideas for the 3 other community builds in Melrose,...

Over 60 and still sizzling!

Sizzlin’ Day at TBN!

The Culture of Outports build team had the opportunity to share time with two very different yet equally interesting...

I wish this was...

Community Event at the FPU Factory Building

Tonight we had our first official community meeting in Port Union!

Walking along Main Road

A Light Rain

Today was the first day that we had the chance to build something!


Sites and Sights

After another delicious start to the morning, thanks to the ladies at the local Chalet, we took a drive...

Don Blackmore talks to the Culture of Outports Build Team

Community Spotlight: Don Blackmore

Learning about John Black, The Fish Killer

Karl Sarkissy-kissy

The Ugly Stick

Karl made some moves...on the ugly stick.

Trying out the lights

Hanging by a Thread

Testing and re-testing...1 day to go before the unveiling!

It is real!

Arn? Narn!

Today we met a rambunctious group of men by the names of Harold, Bruce, and Nev!

Wilma holding her photo as a kid at the Memorial Monument!

Coming back home

In a very short time, we have had the opportunity to meet a number of people who shared with...


Arrival in Port Union!

After a journey full of interesting places and people, we finally arrived to the site of destination for this...

Curing cod flakes

Next Stop: Random Passage

Today the team visited Random Passage, a site built for the production of a CBC show of the same…

First Stop: Trinity

Today the Culture of Outports team arrived in Newfoundland! After a slightly turbulent flight, we landed in the sunny…

Funding Chart

Update on our lighting goal

Thank you TBN!


Fresh off the Press

Get them while they last


Workshop #4: Preparation & Logistics

Help us reach our goal of collecting 1000 feet of Christmas Lights for the launch of the Lights of...

Community Events Poster

Get Ready TBN!

Mark your calendars, we've got a jammed packed 14 days planned in Port Union!


Workshop #3: Dream BIG

As the countdown continues the team is hard at work studying the site, sketching ideas and reviewing precedents.

Atlantic Guardian Port Union-Partial_Page_01

Workshop #2: Discovering History

Team members discussed selected readings on intangible cultural heritage traditions within Newfoundland and Labrador.


Workshop # 1: Culture of Outports Welcomes the 2013 Team

Culture of Outports welcomes student participants Madeleine, Ryan, Mitchell, Elijah, and Karl from Ryerson University to the 2013 Community...

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