Bonavista 4 BIG QUESTIONS: #2

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Question 2.Traditional building science in Bonavista is based on a wooden system.  Investigate how this type of construction can adapt to modern day living and our extreme weather conditions?

Building science is the study pertaining to the behavior of buildings in order to design them for maximum performance in energy efficiency, comfort and durability. As a masters of building sciences student at Ryerson University, I am travelling to Bonavista to help the community address some of their building sciences questions about the durability and performance of their historic wood frame buildings. The structures in the community have been around since the early 1900’s and have started to show their age with leaks caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood elements. To address the issues happening to the buildings in the community I will draw on my building science knowledge along with information gathered from the community and professionals to create a guidebook which discusses these issues. The guide will cover the science and the background behind why these issues are occurring, how to repair the structures, along with regular maintenance rituals which should be followed to maintain the condition of the building. After each of the repair sections a list of companies and resources local to Bonavista and the island will be provided to help ease restoration projects. The guidebook will highlight other areas of importance such as the historic and architectural characteristics commonly seen on structures in the area.

The goal is to create a guidebook which will be useful to this community and similar communities around Newfoundland in preserving their historic buildings. Information will be gathering from community members during the trip to determine exactly what they would like to see in the guidebook to help them maintain their homes, and to gather some specific case studies of renovation projects to include within the guide. Along with insight from the community, professionals within the area of historic home restoration and wood structure renovation will be interviewed to gather expert advice and knowledge to include within the guidebook.

•Elizabeth Leriche

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