Festivals & Gatherings

Pool Games at the BBG

Pool Sharks

The Botwood Boys & Girls Club invited us in for a friendly game of pool

Ice Candle Set-up

Reclaiming the Airbase

Glowing ice candles revive the memory of the Botwood airbase.

I wish this was

Jigg’s Supper

It doesn't get much better than this! Supper with new friends.

Ice Candles

DIY Ice Candle Videos

How to make an ice candle in 5 easy steps

Botwood Group Photo

Botwood Invasion

Come down to meet us on Sunday February 16 at the Kinsmens' Club in Botwood

How To - Ice Candles

Ice Candles

5 easy steps to making an ice candle with objects you have at home.

An instant success with the kids!

Work Hard. Play Harder!

It was a bittersweet night for the Build Team.

Brainstorming ideas for "I Wish This Was"

Open Studio at the Manager’s House

Today the team finally presented our concept for each of the builds inside the Manager's House in Port Union.

It was a big bonfire

Sparky Says

Sparky says learn not to burn.

Shelley on the dance floor

A Kitchen Party, a Birthday and a Platform

Last night the community of Melrose hosted a kitchen party in St. Patrick’s Parish Hall, with lots of good…

I wish this was...

Community Event at the FPU Factory Building

Tonight we had our first official community meeting in Port Union!

Walking along Main Road

A Light Rain

Today was the first day that we had the chance to build something!

Karl Sarkissy-kissy

The Ugly Stick

Karl made some moves...on the ugly stick.

Trying out the lights

Hanging by a Thread

Testing and re-testing...1 day to go before the unveiling!

Funding Chart

Update on our lighting goal

Thank you TBN!


Workshop #4: Preparation & Logistics

Help us reach our goal of collecting 1000 feet of Christmas Lights for the launch of the Lights of...


Workshop #3: Dream BIG

As the countdown continues the team is hard at work studying the site, sketching ideas and reviewing precedents.

Kiss a fish

We kissed the cod. We drank the screech. It’s official. We’ve been screeched in. Screeching In someone visiting Newfoundland...

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