Oral History


Botwood’s Volunteer Archivist

The rich history of Botwood is in good hands.

The Queen's Own Rifle Regiment

Sarah Finds a Familiar Face

What a small world, Sarah discovers photos of her Grandfather in Botwood, NL

Nan & Pop's Place

Home Sweet Home

Today, on the final day of our Botwood Community Build, we had the pleasure of dining at the home…

Ice Candle Set-up

Reclaiming the Airbase

Glowing ice candles revive the memory of the Botwood airbase.

Alana and Ev_LandingPoints

Flying Boats, Snow Mobiles & Muskets

Learning about the history of Botwood

Don Blackmore talks to the Culture of Outports Build Team

Community Spotlight: Don Blackmore

Learning about John Black, The Fish Killer

It is real!

Arn? Narn!

Today we met a rambunctious group of men by the names of Harold, Bruce, and Nev!

Wilma holding her photo as a kid at the Memorial Monument!

Coming back home

In a very short time, we have had the opportunity to meet a number of people who shared with...


Arrival in Port Union!

After a journey full of interesting places and people, we finally arrived to the site of destination for this...

Curing cod flakes

Next Stop: Random Passage

Today the team visited Random Passage, a site built for the production of a CBC show of the same…

First Stop: Trinity

Today the Culture of Outports team arrived in Newfoundland! After a slightly turbulent flight, we landed in the sunny…

Atlantic Guardian Port Union-Partial_Page_01

Workshop #2: Discovering History

Team members discussed selected readings on intangible cultural heritage traditions within Newfoundland and Labrador.

Atlantic Guardian Port Union-Partial_Page_01

Spotted – Port Union in 1949

See Port Union as it was in this 1949 Atlantic Guardian publication.

On a Colder Day

This one in particular helps us keep things in perspective on a cold day like today in Newfoundland.

An Evening in St. George’s Anglican Church

On Thursday evening we were treated to special tour of St. George’s Anglican Church with the Mayor. We were…

Eye Spy with My Little Eyes Brigus – Part 5

Today on our walk back from the Lighthouse Trail we stopped to check out a few more houses.  Another…

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