Moose tracks! (We prefer the ice cream)

Moose sighting… sort of

We hiked along Murphy’s Cove Trail after supper in search of a moose.  While we were unsuccessful in our…

Community Events Poster

Get Ready TBN!

Mark your calendars, we've got a jammed packed 14 days planned in Port Union!


Workshop # 1: Culture of Outports Welcomes the 2013 Team

Culture of Outports welcomes student participants Madeleine, Ryan, Mitchell, Elijah, and Karl from Ryerson University to the 2013 Community...

Drum Roll Please

It’s 2013 and we’re ready to get back out there, this time we’re headed to Port Union, Newfoundland and...

Photos from Brigus NL

Here are some photos from the Brigus Community Build in 2012.

The Lookout – Brigus Community Build 2012

Culture of Outports is an initiative that uses cultural planning and architectural thinking to contribute to communities in Canada’s...

The View From Here

She is finished! Come back this weekend for a full reveal. In the mean time, we’ll be enjoying our...

Morning View

In case you’re wondering… this is the view from our construction site. It’s not so bad out here.

And just…

Build Day 2

Build: Day Two

Day two of the build was a little more difficult as we were already exhausted from our…

Load It Up!

The lumber is loaded and ready to go…now just how are we going to get that to the site…

Build Day 1

Build: Day One 

A full week of (late night) design and planning ensured that our first construction day was a…

Community Spotlight on Wayne Rose & Allisha Ke

Community Spotlight on Wayne Rose and Allisha Ke

This afternoon the group hosted a free barbeque for the community of…

Late Nights

Upon a long table

Sketch paper


Community Spotlight on Philip Pratt

Philip Pratt, a Brigus resident, happens to be a significant Newfoundland architect, most famous for designing The Rooms, the…

Community Spotlight on Albert Sparkes

Community Spotlight on Albert Sparkes

On Friday we chatted again with Albert Sparkes who we had met previously at…

Community Spotlight on Byron Rodway

Community Spotlight on Byron Rodway

The mayor of Brigus, Byron Rodway, has been a strong supporter of our project and…

Take it to the Hills

And we’re off to a running start, along the trail with tools and equipment to start construction!

Eye Spy with My Little Eye Brigus – Part 3

Today we took a walk down North Street towards Water Street and stumbled across some fantastic wood frame houses….

Back to the Trail

Once again we ventured back to the Lighthouse Trail, this time with a Brigus resident, Michael Sullivan, who can…

Ye Olde Stone Barn

After the successful barbecue on Sunday afternoon, the group had the chance to visit The John N. Leamon Museum,…

Community Design Forum with a Twist

Sunday was another milestone for the Team as we planned a BBQ to meet with the Brigus community and…

Colour Choice


bold colours

rugged landscape

Intriguing juxtaposition. What could this mean for our build? Will a bold colour become an important element in…

Design Ideas Unveiled

Community BBQ & Design Review

On Sunday we held a free hot dog community barbeque.  Drawings were prepared for…

Spotlight on Kenny Tuach

We have identified stone, omnipresent on the site, as a major component of our design. Today we were…

Dry Stone Walling 101 with Kenny Tuach

In the afternoon we met up with Kenny Tuach, a level 2 dry stone waller from Corner Brook, NL….

Afternoon Visitors

This afternoon the group was accompanied by Marco Polo and Colin Ripley, professors from Ryerson University’s Architectural Department, Kenny…

Goats, Whales, Rocks and Boats Oh My

Today the weather was less than welcoming, bringing in a blustery wind from the northeast but we were determined…

Blue Skies and Cold Water

Yesterday we went on a (freezing cold) boat ride around the Bay – it was impactful to see Brigus…

Eye Spy with My Little Eyes Brigus – Part 2

This morning Andrew awoke early and took a stroll through the sleepy town only to find himself at the…

Could it be?

I think we found a site… more to follow

From Brigus to Toronto

Friday was a big day for us, as we prepared a schematic design for Friday’s Skype presentation with the…

Lunch Time at North Street Cafe

On Friday we made a pit stop at the North St. Cafe for lunch!  

Though the weather…

Take the Long Way Round

It’s been a busy week here in beautiful Brigus! The days have been busy but we’re loving every minute…

The Brigus of Old

Archival photograph of Brigus

Community Spotlight on Anne Galway and Janie Udell

Today we enjoyed a book reading of  ”Stories from The Hole in the Ceiling” with author Anne Galway and illustrator…

Eye Spy with My Little Eyes – Brigus Part 1

We like to walk and this town is made for walking, so we’ve been busy collecting photographs of Brigus. …

Talk, Draw, Sketch & Debate

After healthy debate about the site, we’ve settled on a location I think we’re all very happy with.  After…

It’s Windy Up Here!

Andrew and I thought it was a good idea to take another hike along the Lighthouse Trail, but we…

Postcard Perfect

A universal value of the Brigus Lighthouse Trail: the landscape.  Specifically instances where one understands the Brigus Bay as an entity,…

One Table, Several Pens and a Roll of Trace Paper

Late night sketching with Philip provides us with artwork for the fridge…

Early Morning Walk About

After a challenging morning hike along the Lighthouse Trail in Brigus, we took some time to reflect on our…

Spotlight on Winterton

Today we spent the afternoon travelling the coast from Conception Bay to Trinity Bay.  We passed through Bay Roberts,…

Ship Building in Newfoundland & Labrador

Wooden Boats and the tools used to build them.

Good Morning Brigus

Good Morning Brigus!  On our first full day in town we headed out to the Lighthouse Trail for a…

That’s not a boat

What is that in the distance?  Oh it’s an ICEBERG!

Spotlight on Cupids

The group headed onto Cupids’ Legacy Centre to learn more about the culture of Newfoundland with Peter Laracy, enjoying…

Spotlight on Bill Gilbert

The group met up with Bill Gilbert and Calvin Evans to take a tour of Cupids’ Archaeological Site.  The…

Shots of Cupids

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our new home, Lambe’s Homestead, right in the heart of Brigus!  We couldn’t have imagined a better…

First Stop – Land Registry

We’ve just landed in St. John’s and we’re headed to the Land Registry office to meet up…

Up in the Air

We’re packed and ready to go and we’ll be landing in Newfoundland in less than 24 hours!

Stay tuned for…

Workshop #2

The team had their second successful meeting last night, including Andrea on Skype! They reviewed reading and research material…

Workshop #1

The ERA team met the Ryerson students for the first time. Philip and Andrew took some time to introduce…

Sneak Peek of the 2012 Build Site

Andrew and Philip took a quick trip out to Brigus to check out the town and possible sites. 

Countdown to the Community Build

Culture of Outports; Brigus Addition Countdown: 18 DAYS

Introductions in Brigus

On their visit to Brigus to check out the town Philip and Andrew held a town meeting to present…

Some final thoughts

The main focus of the waterfront intervention is to emphasize and embrace the unique topography, and nestle the intervention...

And we are done!

Some photos of the completed design project!

Tearful goodbyes

The group said a tearful goodbye to our gracious hosts today, as we left to return to the mainland.

Construction madness!

A time-lapse video of the Burlington Community Design Build in 2011!

Group shots

The team pulls together a few group shots in the fading evening light..

A welcome distraction: parade of treats

e were spoiled with a delicious parade of treats delivered by our new Burlington family.

Almost complete

almost complete. we are certainly getting there!

What an awesome grand-opening party!

Our waterfront installation grand-opening party was a huge success, and included Shawn Majunder thanking us and musical performances by...

Enjoying the space!

It was so exciting to see everyone enjoying the space at the grand-opening party.

Surprise! What the screech!

the town surprised the free lab team after our marathon final build day with a very important ritual: the...

Earl and Alonzo to the rescue!

Earl and Alonzo roll our salvaged skidder wheel turned fire-pit into place, while Caitlin finishes off the metal skirting…

Decking, check! Table, check! Main benches, CHECK! Time to get Screeched In!

The decking, table and main benches are complete! Community members begin to gather for the campfire while the team…

Everyone counts!

everyone chipping in with the final preparations before the big opening bonfire party..

We miss you already, Lew

Lew had to leave this afternoon to pick up his daughter in St. John’s, and unfortunately won’t be able…

We’re almost done!

Finishing off the decking and the fire-pit, in anticipation of the grand-opening party Friday night.

Let’s get the decking done together!

Everyone pitching in to get the decking done in time for the grand opening!

Oh no! We are missing the free-lab wrap party


Since the group is missing the final school-wide free lab wrap-party/presentation back in Halifax, we did up a quick…

Framing, Framing, Framing

Three days of the framing process..

“Shaun” us how it’s done

Fire hall darts; Shaun shows us how it’s done.

Philip arrives as we work into the night

Philip arrived this evening and joined the team. We used car head lights to be able to work into…

Nature’s Tetris

Filling the crib with rocks, nature’s tetris.

All set for the final push!

table assembled, benches in, decking started – all set for the final push tomorrow, and the big unveiling party…

The fog settles in…

the fog settles in..

We made it to front page news

front page news!

read the full article here.

The finer detail moments

Last night everyone had some time off to think through some of the finer detail moments, and this morning…

We got wood!

The wood for the decking is finally delivered!

Alyssa surprises the team with an amazing homemade cake (baked by Alex’s…

Day three completed

end of build day three – framing is in, and all foundations and site work is complete. tonight is…

Adaptive Reuse?

how can we use this wonderful scrap?

A little bit of entertainment goes a long way

Shaun and Jazzy entertain the crew with a few insane tricks!

Shaun interviews Will

Will being interviewed by Shaun and describing the Free Lab.


while awaiting one by sixes, the team resorts to alternate planking strategies..

Nice handy work, boys and girls

nice handy-work, boys and girls.

A very busy afternoon

The site was extra busy this afternoon when community members, Shaun Majumder and the film crew all came together…

Our soon-to-be fire pit!

our soon-to-be fire pit..

The lumber yard

Went to the Lumber yard up towards middle arm with Lou and his son to custom order some 16’…

another beautiful morning on site – framing is almost done..

Shaun stopped by to check on the Free Lab progress, and chats here with Will about the project and…

Different people from the community drop by the site all day to give us a hand on our 2nd…

installing the six by six cribbing to support the long table..

after two days of intense building, the rough framing is almost complete..

Tonight we managed to assemble the cribs and place them onto the prepared surface. 


One of the best parts of the project so far has been having so many people drop by the…

Lew, Will, and Alonzo talk through the project, and what materials and tools we’ll need to make it happen….

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