Bell Island_Day 01

After an early morning flight from Toronto, The Culture of Outports crew arrived in St. John's Newfoundland excited to get started on our community build at the No. 2 Mine and Museum on Bell Island.

This year, the Culture of Outports crew comprised members from Ryerson University (Shannon Clayton, Ram Espino, Sarah Lipsit), The University of Toronto (Elaine Chau, Adam Hall, Max Yuristy), ERA Architects’ Philip Evans (Principal), Ryan Love (Associate) and Janice Quieta (Project Manager), as well as Toronto architect Kevin Weiss.

Upon arrival in St. John’s we drove over to Portugal Cove, where we grabbed a ferry across the channel known as “The Tickle” (hee hee) to Bell Island. We dropped our baggage off and went directly to the No. 2 Mine and Museum, where we were warmly greeted by the museum staff and participated in a fascinating tour of the No. 2 Mines. We got to explore the first 600 feet of the No. 2 Mine first-hand; learning along the way about how the mines operated and what life was like down there. Our tour guide told us that a crew of two men had to fill 20 carts (approximately 1m x 1m x 2m) with iron ore in a ten hour shift!

We capped off the day with a beer on Kevin’s deck and then tore up the dance floor at Dicks’ Fish and Chips for their Sunday night Kitchen Party!




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