Bell Island_Day 03

Though the weather was less-than-desirable on Day 3 of our build, our spirits were not dampened as we had a few very exciting events awaiting us!

First, the construction crew from the Town of Wabana dropped off a large pile of rock for us to use over the course of the build and then later lent a big helping hand by dropping off our gabion baskets. The 1m x 1m x 2m and 1m x 1m x 4m gabions (steel wire cages that are typically filled with stone and used as retaining walls) came flat-packed and we quickly went to work assembling them with wire. Over the course of the week, Sarah came to be known as the best gabion-wirer in the crew (and boy was there work to be done there!). After a couple of hours of us attempting (and failing) to use our shovels to dig holes for the gabion baskets, we were very happy to see Rick pull up in a digger courtesy of the Town of Wabana to get some real work done! He and Gerry saved our backs a few times over the course of the build: digging the gabion holes, grading our path, and filling at the end.IMG_5350 copy


IMG_5365 copy

IMG_5354 copy

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