Bell Island_Day 06

Our last full day of work was an incredible one!

The construction crew from the Town of Wabana was back to help out with grading the site, moving rock, and making last-minute adjustments. Without their help, this project wouldn’t have been what it is and we are truly grateful for all the time they put in to making this happen.

In the afternoon, Tom – who is a member of the museum board – surprised us by coming out to the site in an old miner’s uniform! Tom’s father had worked in the mines and the helmet he is wearing in the image below belonged to his father (and yes, we did ask – it still works!).

We also happily welcomed Taryn Sheppard and Jessica Stanford from Woodford Sheppard Architecture on site. Taryn and Jessica, who have both been involved in past Culture of Outports projects, were eager to see what we were up to.

By the end of the day, the project was nearing completion and we only had a few more rocks to move and benches to assemble. We packed up our tools and headed into the museum for a thank you pizza party and a very special surprise put on by the museum staff: a Screech In! We capped off our last full day of work with a toast around the bonfire at Kevin’s place.

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