1st Site Visit

Despite the snow and hail we braved the storm and hiked out to the site.

Just after 10 pm on Saturday night we ventured out to the airbase for our first visit.  Arriving to the site for the first time, we realized that Church Street slopes down towards the airbase, framing the historic runway and Flying Boat Museum and noticed that a few cars and trucks were parked along the edge, suggesting an impromptu meeting place for young people. 

As we turned to walk into the site we were in awe of the understated beauty of the flying boat set against a dramatic sky making our adventure a trek not soon to be forgotten.

As we moved along the site, we checked out the boat launch and further hiked out to Killick Island. We were very interested in the rock chair and the old weather station foundations. We hiked up the steep stairs along the Killick Island walking trail and held on tightly to rails and chains as we passed along the slippery, narrow pathways.  At the end of the trail we found one of the ammunition bunkers, which were awesome and spooky.  Turning back towards the mainland, we slid down the hill back to the shoreline before heading back across the island, where we had were met with amazing views of the airbase.

flying boat 1795554_10201245303968798_1451185255_n

night trek town walk


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