Building a Team

After a positive community meeting on Sunday, we returned to Town Hall with a revised design concept.

After developing several sketches and a 3D image of the design, we headed to Botwood Town Hall to meet with the Deputy Mayor, Council Members, and Boys and Girls Club representatives to present our ideas. Our design was enthusiastically received during the meeting, specifically the view of the Excalibur site as Botwood has been looking for a way to highlight the historic site and felt our build would perfectly suit this purpose. We discussed installing an airport wind sock as a gesture to the aviation history, as well as the former weather station use of the site and within minutes our hosts were able to identify potential sources for a wind sock. We were also able to secure an honourary Site Superintendent to act as our main contact for assistance, tools, and construction space access.

DSC_0607_2 DSC_0609


Botwood has shown us a lot of support and we left the meeting with increased energy and enthusiasm for our upcoming first build day!

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