A Light Rain

Today was the first day that we had the chance to build something!

At 9 pm we successfully launched The Lights of Trinity Bay North over Main Road in Port Union, along The  Factory and into our build site adjacent to the Union Electric Building.  Of course, the infamous Newfoundland weather held up, and the sunny, slightly cold weather completely deteriorated as soon as we began work, turning to dark skies and rain.

Luckily, the people from the community were undeterred, weathering the storm, slippery scaffolds and wet wires to help us finish the installation. The supports began to go up slowly at first, then with the help of our friend Nev and his crew, it began to pick up along Main Road. Just after lunch, Newfoundland Power and their bucket truck showed up to help us out, and so the process of filling in the site began. As the team worked, it continued to rain relentlessly. Eventually, the team on the scaffold had to call it a day, as it became dangerous to continue working. Luckily the bucket truck  kept on going, and our new friends Bob and Gord from Newfoundland Power extended their day’s end to 6:00 just to make sure our project was up and running for the evening launch.  Joe Carpenter also showed up on site just when we were about to give up, with proper Newfoundlander gear to keep us dry.  We wouldn’t have got her done without the community, Trinity Bay North we love you!



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