Ryerson Today highlights Culture of Outports 2013

Architectural Science students revamp a waterfront community in Trinity Bay North, Newfoundland

Ryerson Today highlights the recently completed Foundation Square in Port Union, Trinity Bay North, Newfoundland. The new Foundation Square is the result of an intense two-week design-build project by the Culture of Outports.

This year’s build team is composed of five students from the Department of Architectural Science, including Madeleine Craig, Ryan Giuricich, Mitchell May, Karl Sarkis, and Elijah Karlo Sabadlan, and two mentors from ERA Architects — Andrew Pruss and Alana Young. This  is the second time that ERA Architects have invited Ryerson University students to participate in the Culture of Outports program.

The article stressed the importance of community engagement in generating the plan, design, and building of a log-scape playground, a fire pit, a dining and seating area, and a connection to the boardwalk along Port Union harbour. To quote Elijah Sabadlan, “[w]e wanted to be able to design an important part of their community that actually reflected who they were. More than half the trip was spent traveling across neighbouring communities to involve residents in the process.” With Andrew and Alana’s mentorship, along with a help of numerous community volunteers, the students were able to complete the construction of Foundation Square, rain or shine, in five days!



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