Arrival in Port Union!

After a journey full of interesting places and people, we finally arrived to the site of destination for this year's build.

After a journey full of interesting places and people, we’ve finally reached our destination!  Arriving in Port Union in the early afternoon, we felt a warming of the temperature and the sun made an appearance.  Good omen?  We think so!

Our first stop was at the Coaker Foundation’s office, to meet with one of our biggest supporters, Edith Samson.  Edith has been actively involved in the foundation since early 2001 and has been a driving force in restoring the buildings one by one.  Edith gave us a tour of The Factory and a refresher on the historical background of the town, including the establishment of the Fisher’s Protective Union (FPU) by  Sir William Ford Coaker on November 2, 1908.

Along the way we took a look at some of the historical material in The Factory before heading to the third floor for a presentation from Calvin Evans, a Newfoundlander and another one of Culture of Outports’ biggest fans. Calvin has written and published several books on the history of Newfoundland and proved to be a great source for providing background information on fishing formed the foundation of the country’s culture.

Calvin’s presentation also served as a great preamble to a guided tour along Port Union’s newly built boardwalk by town resident Joe Carpenter.  Educated as a naval architect, Joe served as a ship builder in Port Union for 18 years with his Father.  We took a walk around Shipyard Park to view the grounds and interpretive artifacts which once served as a building site for FPU ships.

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