Build Day 2

5 piers later and we are ready to sleep.  Today represented a big step in the completion of our 5 day build as we finished off the site preparation, which is important yet invisible once the build is complete.  This morning excavator returned to clear the site and trench for the placement of weeping tile.  Other team members plowed forward with cutting and prepping wood elements with a chainsaw!  We finished the timber by sending the BC douglas fir planks through the planar, achieving an incredible finish.

Laying down the second set of piers proved to be much more challenging than the first set, as we were competing for ground placement with an existing sewer line which happens to be located directly along our build lines.  Thankfully with Lou’s careful excavation, we were able to locate the top of the sewer line and situate our first pier with clearance.  With our fifth pier in place and a clear idea of the pipe placement, we can now move forward comfortably with the placement of the remaining three piers, and eventually the beams that will complete “The Arch”.  Hopefully an early bedtime will prepare us for the big day we have coming tomorrow!

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