Build Day 3

Build: Day Three

We began the day at Shane’s house, where some of us spent the early morning and afternoon painting. The remaining woodwork was also completed early in the day – cutting, drilling and final details for the crib components.

Today’s lunch brought us to Country Corner in Brigus, where they offered to cover our lunch in return for our contribution to their town. Following lunch, our team met with Allisha Ke, the Recreational Coordinator and a number of youth from the town of Brigus who will be working in the community this summer, as well as a reporter for the local newspaper, the Compass. We presented ideas and concepts surrounding the project which will be featured in the paper early next week.

One of the biggest helps to us today was Matt, an employee of Brigus City Works, who helped us by hauling cribs and lumber up to the site (a near impossible task on foot) with his quad (atv.) Without his help, we wouldn’t have been able to successfully fill and complete both cribs. 

A huge amount of progress was made today and we are both excited to see this project reach completion yet dreading Saturday when we have to leave our new home – we’ve really grown to love it here and it will be hard to say goodbye. Until then… 


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