Build Day 2

Build: Day Two

Day two of the build was a little more difficult as we were already exhausted from our first day on site. We began the day by building the stone volume, while simultaneously beginning the woodwork at Shane Sparks’ house – who was very kind in lending all of his tools to us. Part of our team also focused their attention on collecting the right stones to fill the cribs that we’ll be bringing up to the site first thing tomorrow morning. Later in the day, once the wood had been cut, painting of the lumber began. The day was a success and we’re still on schedule… We have a lot of work ahead of us but we are still pushing hard to meet our Friday deadline. 

Check out some photos of our dry stack stone volume – it weighs an estimated 8000lbs and it took Mike, Miles and Tricia a full day to construct (with material delivery assistance from the rest of the team!) Thankfully our work paid off, as the test proved that it’s strong enough to hold 5 people! 

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