Catalina – The Learning Lab

Across the Catalina Elementary School, the community proposes for a learning lab to enrich the experience of the students and community members of Trinity Bay North.

Another community of Trinity Bay North is Catalina, located on Catalina Harbour with a view out to the ocean beyond.  Catalina was established in the 1500′s as a seasonal fishing outport, and later became a major shipbuilding centre of Trinity Bay.  One of the larger communities of TBN, Catalina also houses the Catalina Elementary School, which is located just across the road from our selected site.

The site, which is a favourite location for finding Pyrite (Fool’s Gold), serves as a place to watch ships come and go, and has the potential to become an outdoor ‘learning lab’ for Catalina students.  The community build proposes a viewing platform, with access to the lower rocky edges, where one might catch a glimpse of ancient fossils, or study the variety of geological formations found there.

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