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Community BBQ & Design Review

On Sunday we held a free hot dog community barbeque.  Drawings were prepared for the community to inform them of our design intentions to get the community’s feedback.  We spoke to summer residents, Judy and Mike who suggested that the trial needed more trail markers for people to follow. They also suggested that the beginning of the trail should incorporate an introduction panel to notify visitors of the conditions ahead; especially indicating the type of shoes that are appropriate for the trail, this is one of the main factors between people that decide to go to the lighthouse, and those that do not. We also encountered day visitors from St. John’s, who were very enthusiastic about going on trail hikes and really appreciated the ideas that we had brought forth for the path in Birgus. They had visited many trails in St. John’s and suggested that for the people of Newfoundland walking was a very important part of their daily lives. The mayor, Byron Rodway and his wife, Lillian also joined us at the event. They took great interest in our design and offered to come out and provide their support and assistance with anything that we might need.

The event was a success, we had a good turn out, and got the feedback that we were looking for. People were very excited about an intervention along the trail – expressing that it was much needed. One of the exciting aspects of the design is that it can be seen from the town beach, a populated area for the community. This view would intrigue more people, both residents and tourists to visit the site. Connecting with the community in this way and getting their feedback and support made us feel very confident with our designs and eager to get started!


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