Design Iterations

Back to the drawing boards!

We were off to an early start this morning when we hit our first snag in the design. At the hardware store when ordering materials we realized that the foundation components we required were not currently in stock and wouldn’t be available until the spring. After securing many of the other main building supplies, it was back to the drawing board to redesign the foundation. With a bit of ingenuity and a couple of phone calls to building supply stores in neighbouring towns, a new foundation was developed. We spent the remainder of the morning in groups, some of us organizing materials and our build space and others working out design details. In response to some of the finer details of the design that we were grappling with, a new design emerged! Altering the roof design to incorporate a triangular roof truss was discussed, but didn’t present the aesthetic we were hoping for. We finalized a sloped roof deck to take advantage of the interior volume of the build and to maintain a clean roof line. By mid-afternoon, we were set on our new design and ready to get building!


IMG_2235 IMG_2233


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