Dry Stone Walling 101 with Kenny Tuach

In the afternoon we met up with Kenny Tuach, a level 2 dry stone waller from Corner Brook, NL. Kenny gave us a talk on the basic rules and principles of dry stone walling, including the types of stone to use, how to stack them and some of the basic forms we might produce.

The team shared some ideas for the design project, then headed out for a walk around town to look at some of the existing stone structures.

Ghost outlines are all that is left of a wooden fence.

Stacked stone under a wooden deck.

About an hour later we found our way back to the trail. After a survey of the land and the stone supply we decided to attempt our first Brigus build: a small dry stone wall along the trail.  Not too bad for a first try, only took an hour and 10 people…!

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