First day of Construction in Port Union

Steel-toed boots are on and construction is underway!

Today, we began construction on the Port Union site! The weather was great, giving us a good start on laying out the site plan and beginning the ground work for “The Object”.  After an hour of rolling, sorting, measuring and moving marine piles around the site Nev Samson came along to provide equipment and guidance.  We then called in the troops and reinforcement arrived just after dinner in the form of a back hoe.  Thanks Lu!  Progress was swift and by 630 we had 4 marine piles set in the ground, forming the vertical supports for half of “The Object”.

After supper we went back to the site to check on things, and found our excavation partially filled with sea water, turns out it was high tide!  This is a challenging site, full of rocks, sand and water…It’s a learning experience for the team to be building in different conditions than Ontario.


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