Foresight for Four Sites

Today, the Culture of Outports 2013 team began brainstorming design ideas for the 3 other community builds in Melrose, Catalina and Little Catalina.

Each team surveyed the sites, took photos and presented ideas on what potential builds at the specified sites could become.

The site chosen for Melrose is located at the trail head for the trail between Melrose and Port Union. The current plan is to create a trail marker and lookout for the site.

Little Catalina
An initial plan for the Little Catalina site includes extending the existing boardwalk to better access the beach and fossils, as well as potentially building a gathering space.

The Catalina site, located across from the Elementary School, currently has a bench and lookout point. The team plans to further develop the site – including a larger meeting space, a lookout for the ships sailing out of the bay and an outdoor science lab to exhibit the interesting geology of the site.

We look forward to hearing your input on the sites design at our future get-togethers!

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