Goats, Whales, Rocks and Boats Oh My

Today the weather was less than welcoming, bringing in a blustery wind from the northeast but we were determined to get out on the water and thanks to Jim Hiscock, we made it.

Traveling first to the north, we moved past Seal Lookout to capture a clear view of the Lighthouse.  From the water we got a true sense of the wild rocky terrain.  It must have been quite the challenge to find a safe place to land when John Guy was sailing around the coast in 1612.

Viewing the terrain through binoculars we spotted a couple of goats grazing along the steep hillside, and saw a massive whale gliding through the waves. Could it get any better?

Then we headed south to Bull’s Cove and Turks Gut where the landscape is covered with pine trees ad rolling green hills.

Jim continued to share his stories and pointed out several places along the landscape that he was familiar with, and places we might want to venture to on foot.

The landscape is quite dramatic, changing constantly and surprising us with streaks and slices of red iron ore and white quartz along the water’s edge.

Could this be the inspiration for a possible trail intervention?

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