Headed for the Airbase

With the structure loaded and ready to go, we paraded down Water Street to the site.

With the trailer ready to go and the structure dismantled for transport out to the site,  all we were lacking was manpower. Luckily, manpower is never an issue in Botwood, if you happen to make friends with the Volunteer Firefighters.  That’s where our friend Roy (1st Captain Byrne and Botwood Councillor) stepped in, sending out the call to firefighters for help in moving the structure.  Within the first five minutes two men  showed up, then another 3 and before we knew it the hall was filled with over 20 people!


Loading the structure onto Derek Sceviour’s flat bed truck was as easy was 1-2-3 and then it was just a matter of parading it through town to the airbase, waving to everyone on the way along Water Street.



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