First Stop: Trinity

Today the Culture of Outports team arrived in Newfoundland! After a slightly turbulent flight, we landed in the sunny city of St. John’s, travelling through an incredible landscape of sun, fog and meteorological phenomena on route to Trinity. Along the way, we were awe struck by the beautiful vistas and expansive bays.

After a quick stop to purchase local ‘refreshments’, we made our way to Trinity Cabins where we are staying for our first evening. After unloading, we departed for a short ride to Trinity, the historic town once home to prosperous fishing merchants. This community was at one time a very busy hub of activity and the architecture of the homes and buildings hint at its history.  Many of the buildings are intricately detailed and full of character, with mansard roofs, decorative dormers, stained glass transoms and brightly painted wood cladding.  Close to the harbour we came to rest at the Lester-Garland house, a reconstruction of the original 3 storey brick home built in 1760.

The home was the residence of a prominent merchant family, and is now maintained as a museum and archives.  During our visit Jim Miller, the chief archivist and Mayor of Trinity, gave us a private tour of the home and opened the archives to show us original purchase ledgers which were used when the town was a thriving commercial centre.  Jim also gave us a sneak peak at their collection of original drawings for St. Paul’s Anglican Church, designed by American architect Stephen C. Earle of Worchester, Massachusetts.  The drawings, lent to the Anglican Church, were drawn up for a church in Digby and later replicated in both Windsor and Trinity.

Following the tour, Calvin Evans and his wife Goldie took us up to the top of  an extremely windy hill to capture a stunning view of the town and harbour below.  Worth the risk of falling off the cliff!

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