Jigg’s Supper

It doesn't get much better than this! Supper with new friends.

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Community Meeting 2 Community Meeting 1Today was the first time we met the community and got a chance to unveil our ideas for the build at the Kinsmens’ Club.  Despite the snow and wind, over 25 representatives from the community attended and participated in the conversation, sharing with us their perspectives and shared values. They also proposed alternative ideas for the build location which identified the most desired sites for the build.  Many people suggested the former weather station site along the walking trail to Killick Island as a place for shelter and repose. Community members requested seating, shade for summer use, accessibility and a view.   We all enjoyed our conversations with the members of the community who took time away from the Olympic hockey game to spend some time with us.

After our discussions Wilson, the head chef for the Kinsmens’ Club served up a traditional Newfoundland Jiggs supper for everyone. The conversation continued well into the evening, discussing not only the upcoming project, but also the snowstorm, youth engagement, unique Botwood sayings and traditions and the prospect of a snow mobile ride!

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