Little Catalina – Boardwalk & Foot Bridge

Little Catalina proposes an extension to the boardwalk with a viewing platform and a foot bridge to the beach.

The final design for a community build was located in Little Catalina, along the beach adjacent to Mars Meadow and Dayton Road.  Nestled into the land the beach is a hidden community gem, often overlooked as it isn’t  visible from the road.  While investigating the site, a neighbour stopped by to chat with us about the place. He pointed out the location of the nearby boat launches, introduced us to some of the fossils, and showed us the existing boardwalk — a discontinuous path along the southern edge of the harbour.  His insight was very helpful in providing us with local knowledge about the site.

The design proposal by the community calls for an extension of the boardwalk with a footbridge to cross the stream, and a termination point down to the beach. This approach incorporates a vertical element that acts as a marker, which visible from the road, and a wide platform for community interaction, and  a place for rest and relaxation while enjoying the magnificent view of the Catalina harbour beyond.

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