So Long, but Not Goodbye!

After a whirlwind week in Botwood, it was hard to catch our plane back to Toronto.

With the build completed and no more deadlines to meet except for our flight back to Toronto, we were fortunate to have some time to visit with Scott Sceviour, Deputy Mayor of Botwood. Despite the excitement of Canada winning Olympic gold in Hockey, Scott took the time to visit us at the Exploits Hostel and wish us a final farewell. It was great to be able to have a relaxing chat, to reflect on all the positive experiences of the week, and get to know each other better. Scott certainly made our week in Botwood memorable and it was with hesitation that we said farewell.

We cannot say thank you enough for our appreciation and gratitude to Scott for all of his hard work before we arrived, during our stay in Botwood, and beyond. Each and every one of us hope to have the opportunity to travel back to Botwood in the future to revisit The Viewfinder, but perhaps more importantly see familiar faces and visit our new friends!

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