Melrose – The Viewing Platform

Melrose proposes to build a platform that provides the youths and elders of Trinity Bay North (TBN) and its visitors with a hangout space and a trail-hike rest stop, with a panoramic view of "Ragged Harbour".

Back in June, when we had the pleasure of visiting Trinity Bay North (TBN), we had the opportunity to tour all four communities, review potential sites along the shore line and develop our ideas for additional builds.  Our initial concepts were presented to the community at the Manager’s House where we received a lot of great feedback and insight.

The designs were refined with the help of a number of community engagement events,  particularly the requests from several members of the town of Melrose. They came forward with a lot of great ideas, and showed a great deal of interest in building the design proposal for a viewing platform with a marker for the trail hike that connects their community to the rest of Trinity Bay North and beyond.

Here’s another look at the proposed Melrose Build — The Viewing Platform!

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