Mission Accomplished

Today marked our last day of construction!

Anticipating yet another wet and cold day of work, we prepared ourselves with double, triple, and quadruple layers of clothing (including the plastic bags that kept our socks dry), to get us through our last day of construction.  Luckily, we only had a tenth of the rain that we got yesterday, so our final day of work went smoothly.

Even though we didn’t have Scott to help us in the morning, we quickly hoisted the remaining four beams in place before lunch, thanks to our fearless team of volunteers.  Between interviews with The Packet, (the local newspaper), a delicious lunch with monkey bread pizza, and a private tour of the Coaker Bungalow we managed to get it all done.  While some of team members were framing the table and bar, Madeleine was having a great time using the chainsaw to slice the poles into seating and Ned was fastening the final beams into place.  We also had help raking and levelling the site, as several of the neighbourhood kids came out to volunteer.  Once the ground was set, the final logs were rolled into place to complete our log-scape and the table and bar legs were secured into place.

With a few minutes to spare before the project launch, we had a chance to take a few photos and pose with our amazing volunteers.

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