Pool Sharks

The Botwood Boys & Girls Club invited us in for a friendly game of pool

Following the ice candle installation at the Air Base, the Botwood Boys and Girls Club treated the Culture of Outports team to some hot chocolate and friendly games of pool and foosball.  It was great to meet the young Botwood teens, we learned a lot about the culture of recreation in town, and got some of the gossip too!  We also spoke to some of the teens about the skate park, which has the support of town council, and is slated to be built in the spring! We were especially impressed with the methods of community engagement and volunteering, especially with Girls Decide.  We hope to get a lot volunteers from Botwood Collegiate to come help out with our winter build at the weather station out by Killick Island on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you’re looking to keep warm, come find us at the Botwood Fire Hall this week, we’ll be busy building between 8am- 7pm every day, we could really use the extra hands! We’re going to need help hammering and painting, all community members are welcome to come out, even for an hour or just a quick chat!

Pool Games at the BBG
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