Build Day 3

After a strategic planning meeting with the design team last night we were ready to hit the ground running on Day 3 of our build!  We began with sanding the beautiful salvaged BC fir planks which we planed yesterday and will become the table top for our gathering place.  The team worked hard to get all posts up before “dinner” (also known around here as lunch!) and then we continued on through the afternoon with the installation of the horizontal beams of “The Arch”.

The beams are large 6′x12′ beams and we didn’t realize how much work it would be hoist the beams to a height of 3m.  Thankfully again, Llew, Scott and Nev helped us with a backhoe and their additional muscle! At the same time, Mad Maddie (as we’ve lovingly nicknamed her!) learned to use the chainsaw and got to work cutting marine poles to create our “logscape”! Material purchasing was another project completed today, which included gravel for the site and 149 pieces of wood which were bought for the boardwalk. Gravel instantly transformed the site and we can’t wait to start the boardwalk tomorrow!

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