Build Day 4: Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

It was a sunny day...somewhere else!

According to some, the weather forecast for today was 50cm (not 50mm) and we believe it was close to that. From the moment we arrived on site to when we called it a day, it rained consistently, flooding our site and creating a (extremely!) difficult workspace. However, it didn’t hamper progress and we had all of the beams raised by dinner, and the boardwalk built by the end of the day!  We also spray-painted the dryer drum that Evan brought to us yesterday so that we could install it as a fire-pit (don’t worry, the paint is heat-resistant). What’s left you might wonder?  Well just a few things…. The dining table and benches need to be installed tomorrow, seating for the fire pit needs to be set in places and a few bolts need to be fasten to finish off the arch.  Sounds easy right?  Let’s hope the rain stays away and we can get the job done!


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