Sites and Sights

After another delicious start to the morning, thanks to the ladies at the local Chalet, we took a drive around Trinity Bay North to check out three sites that will be developed as community builds.

The chosen sites in Melrose, Catalina, and Little Catalina, all provided picturesque views of the coastal landscape, (as you would imagine, building close to water is a necessity in Newfoundland), yet each gave a different sense of character.


In Melrose the site was situated at the entry point to a three kilometer trail that leads hikers along a hilly shoreline back to Port Union.  The trail was historically used as a walk route for workers.  A future build here would attract people to the trail and create a new gathering destination for hikers in the Trinity Bay North area.

In Catalina, the site is located across the street from the elementary school and could become a great hang-out spot for kids on their lunch breaks and even serve as an outdoor lecture space during class.  As the shoreline is approached from the school, splitting rocks begin to emerge from the water, forming a natural spot to sit and gather that could be enhanced with a community build.

At our final stop in Little Catalina, we got to step foot in one of the area’s only sandy beaches.  Here, the sound of water flowing onto the sand – in comparison to the typical crash against the rocky shores – provides a unique aural experience within the bay.  As we continued past the beach, we stumbled upon the siting of many fossils dating back over several hundred million years, an amazing artefact that could form part of the attraction in a future community build.

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