A Taste of Botwood

Botwood felt like home and tasted even better!

Not only was the Culture of Outports Team fortunate enough to befriend Wilson Bridger during our week long community-build, we also had the pleasure of eating lunch with him each day.  Wilson, a dedicated member of the Kinsemen’s Club, provided the design team with a delicious home made dinner, at twelve o’clock everyday for our week’s stay. Needless to say, we were spoiled by Wilson’s recipes; and we’re not shy to admit we enjoyed second helpings on a daily basis. Even when faced with a challenge, such as the acquired vegetarian and celiac dietary restrictions on the team, Wilson created culinary magic. We still long for yet another bite of the gluten free macaroni and cheese casserole!  Thank you to our Chef, Wilson Bridger and the Kinsmen’s Club of Botwood for their hospitality and generosity.

We should also mention that The Boys and Girls Club graciously coordinated supper for our stay in Botwood. We were treated to a taste of local foods and traditions with delicious hearty meals such as fish and brewis, Newfoundland Steak (bologna and molasses baked beans -yum!), and jiggs dinner. Although we did not get the chance to meet everyone, thank you to all of the contributing families that supported us through our trip.

Needless to say, the Culture of Outports Team ate very well during our stay in Botwood! We could not be more appreciative of the efforts made to accommodate us during the community-build. It is safe to say that Botwood felt like home, and tasted even better.

Thank you Wilson Bridger (Kinsmens’ Club) + The Boys and Girls Club

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