Thanks to All the Firefighters and Volunteers!

Thank you to Derek Sceviour, Roy Byrne, Allen Decker and all of our dedicated Firefighters; we had tremendous support on all sides while in Botwood. Those who helped us with the construction of The Viewfinder never ceased to amaze us with their dedication and hard work; inspire us with their helpful tips, skills, and advice; and amuse us with their senses of humour and smiling faces.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Derek Sceviour for his help and for teaching us more than just a few things about framing. Without his hardwork, expertise, and assistance the build would not have proceeded as smoothly as it did.

Another huge thank you goes out to Roy Byrne for his continuous help over the duration of the project and especially for his humour which never failed to bring a smile to our faces and relieve any bit of frustration we may have felt.  

Another notable contributor to our project is Allen Decker.  As he was teaching a few of us how to hammer properly with a nail, we soon learned that teaching was one of Allen’s old habits given he had taught every single subject at Botwood Collegiate and had been a principal of the school up until his retirement. (He even taught our good friend Brian). Not only was Allen extremely helpful during the build, but he would share great amounts of wisdom and experience with us, as we would sit down for a quick tea break. We’d like to thank Allen for all those early mornings when we would start working in the fire hall, and giving us a hand with the build long into the nights. We hope to see our new friend again sometime.

With all of the help we received from our Firefighter friends there are too many people to thank! We want to thank everyone who came out, lent a helping hand, taught us valuable lessons on building and power tools, and who showed their unwavering support. Thank you all!


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