The View From Here

The true meaning of community.

After returning to Toronto, everyone had the same typical questions, “Did you eat lots of fish?” “Was it cold?” “Did you kiss a cod?” Yes was a common answer, but hardly adequate to describe our real experience there.   For the 6 Ryerson students, the hospitality and warmth of Botwood was surreal, as the group had never been to a town so welcoming and had never worked with people so caring and selfless.  Our trip to Botwood far exceeded our expectations.  Aside from the delicious food, the culture of Botwood was exceptional and wildly different than anything we were accustom to.  Even with some academic research of the town’s past, we were surprised and overwhelmed with the historic richness of the town and its landscape.

This year marks the fourth success for Culture of Outports and we very much appreciated the overwhelming support and assistance from the town; their involvement enriched the project and our experience.  In Botwood the engagement with so many community members helped keep us moving along, and inspired us to work through even the toughest snowstorm.  While our time there was short, we hope that the community has realized how much they can achieve when they work together.  The Viewfinder is built for the community, by the community and we hope it will encourage further use on this significant cultural landscape, where the strength of the site’s history can foster new growth and development.


The view from here


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