What is it that you’re doing out there?

We have worked through the design, presented to various community groups of Trinity Bay North, and we are currently on day 2 of our community build. Yet, we still get asked: what exactly are we doing?

Outside main entrance of The Factory is an open area that terminates Bungalow Hill along Main Road. Historically, this was the location where numerous arches have been constructed to celebrate special occasions during the heydays of  the Fisherman’s Protective Union (FPU).  Most recently, the Sir William F. Coaker Heritage Foundation set up an arch in this location to celebrate the completion of the Salt-Fish Plant and Retail Store Restoration Project in 2005.

The Culture of Outports proposes the construction of a contemporary interpretation of these arches that frames the view of the harbour, and marks a gathering spot for visitors of the heritage district. Situated close to the existing boardwalk along the harbour, it also defines a new outdoor public space for local residents to use for community events. The aim of the project is to use available surplus material from previous construction of the wharf and the repair of the Salt-Fish Plan. Within the space, a long table with bench seating and elevated bar provides a hang-out space for conversations and sharing meals outside on days with pleasant weather. A boardwalk extension is also included perpendicular to the existing boardwalk that doubles as a connection to the entrance of The Factory and the programmed elements of the new public space, particularly the small firepit, and an elevated platform that could be used by performers during community events.

All these elements are intended to supplement the quality of the place as it currently exists. We hope that it will be used and enjoyed for many years to come!

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