WORKSHOP #3: Early Ideas

The team met last night for their 3rd workshop, and with only 15 days until their departure for Botwood, energy is high and ideas are abundant!

In the process of finding the perfect build site we’ve been researching the history of Botwood, studying maps and aerial photographs and discussing possible locations with members of the Botwood community, including the Botwood Heritage Society, Town Hall, Botwood Collegiate, Botwood Mural Arts Society and even the Mid-Winter Bivver committee, in an effort to identify places of value and significance within the community.  

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and we’ve taken a look at a variety of sites including the Paper Shed, Blueberry Hill and the Air Base.  

Right now our focus is on the Air Base, the location where Sidney Cotton established Cotton’s Aerial Survey in 1921, and shortly after departed with the first air mail for Fogo and the seal hunt.  The air base later received a visit from the Lindbergh’s, and became a landing spot for Transatlantic Commercial Air Service.  In 1939 as WWII began Botwood became a militarized base and critical nexus for the RCAF.  Today the air base remains, though without the planes or military buildings.  It is a highly celebrated location where a lot of community events and festivals occur, and the home of the Flying Boat Museum and the Botwood Heritage Centre.  We recognize the air base as a cultural landscape where so much of the history of Botwood has happened, and it is here that we have begun to imagine what a community build might become.

This week we asked the students to work in groups of two to develop first impressions of the site, and their initial design ideas and sketches for potential interventions at the airbase.  Notions of light, materiality, engagement, playfulness and sound emerged out of last night’s discussion.  We discussed some of the intriguing images, and debated the merits of temporary and permanent installations developed, and whether the build should focus on one, or both.  As these are all very early schematic ideas, we will be presenting them to members of the community, for feedback and reactions, as their input is critical to the final design.

Next week the students will come back with further developed ideas, researching local resources and material supplies, and taking issues of constructability, maintenance and durability into consideration.  Stay tuned!

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