WORKSHOP #4: Schematic Design

The students met last night to present their preliminary concepts for the airbase.

In preparation for our visit to Botwood the team has been brainstorming ideas for this year’s build.  We’ve been analyzing the site, debating the right location and the design parameters. Last night in Toronto we had our fourth workshop.  The discussion focused on the site – where to build?  That is  the million dollar question.  The site is both vast and heavily programmed by the community, making it a complex site, much larger then past builds. The team spent some time sketching out different location options and discussing the pros and cons. Upon arrival in Botwood in less than two weeks time, the students will gain a better understanding of the Air Base, and with the help of the community the final build site will emerge.

With reference to the site, here’s what we know so far:

  • The Air Base has historic significance as a commercial seaplane port and WWII military base.  Since being decommissioned, the Air Base is now used as a popular gathering place for the community, providing space for large events, and walking trails for those after dinner strolls.
  • The Air Base has a flat concrete surface and is framed by museums, houses, the harbour and Air Base Road.
  • The Air Base is used for many events including the Flying Boat Festival, Botwood Day, Botwood Parade terminus, Mid-Winter Bivver, fireworks shows, leisure boat displays, community bonfires, Christmas tree light-up to name a few.

We recognize this space as a cultural landscape and want to tie into these aspects of the space.  Therefore, the proposal for this year is two-part; a temporary lighting installation that will help kick off the project, and a more permanent piece that will act as a legacy for Botwood. The team is keen to get the community involved and encourage participation.  Just recently we were able to connect with Botwood Collegiate and we will be working with a group of students for further develop the design ideas.  We know we need to construct something that can be built indoors in 4 days and towed out to the site and installed on the 5th day.  For this reason we think modular forms would be a good idea.

workshop2 copy  1



The team is eager to get to Botwood to meet with the community and present our ideas as their feedback and input will be critical to shaping the final outcome of the build.

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