Bonavista 4 BIG QUESTIONS: #3

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QUESTION 3.   Recently Bonavista has seen a large increase of people in the summer, but the infrastructure isn’t adequate for this flow of people.  Rethink the design of roads and wayfinding to address issues of traffic, parking, sightseeing and finding destinations.

Bonavista, one of Newfoundland’s first and most important fishing communities, is also one that has developed largely in response to its own needs, resulting in a layout that is organic, convenient, and logical to its residents. Over recent years, however, the growth of the town and an increasing influx of seasonal tourists have brought forward a desire for more clarity and organization in its existing infrastructure.

With the assistance of local residents, a strategy of several components will be developed in response to current wayfinding needs. To improve streetscape definition, fences, trees, signage, and paving will be designed and used to enhance visual appearance at, above, and below eye level.  Next, static and active user experience can be directed through larger context signage, small parklettes, or even pavilions that identify local landmarks and vista points. Finally, no community as old as Bonavista exists without the presence of an unofficial route network, established by every resident who creates their own footpaths and has artfully refined these shortcuts over the years to perfectly suit their daily routine. These will be collected in conjunction with input, and will be temporarily documented and displayed with the help of BAYNet Bonavista. The final outcome will be presented through a series of drawings and models accompanied by a town map with the intention of catering to everyone – from established residents to temporary visitors – on their discovery and celebration of the charms and idiosyncrasies of Bonavista.

• Tiffany Zhang

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