Bonavista 4 BIG QUESTIONS: #4

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Question 4. Sheds and outbuildings are an important part of Bonavista’s built heritage, but are increasingly being replaced with ready-made chain-store options. Could there be there a ‘kit of parts’ for sheds that speaks to vernacular building styles?

It is important to acknowledge and respect the purpose that outbuildings and sheds have served in outport communities such as Bonavista. In answering the question about the future of outbuildings, I would like to propose a community historical showcase where people can contribute stories and experiences about the role this unique building typology has played in their lives. This will be presented in a Nolli style map where certain locations are highlighted with sketches, photographs and short quotes.

However, it is inevitable that as these buildings continue to stand in the face of time and nature they will need to be renovated, rebuilt, or replaced. After gathering community feedback, I would like to use this to inform a schematic design solution for the future of outbuildings in Bonavista. This solution will be presented through a physical model as well as hand drawn perspectives and diagrams illustrating the motivations for each design decision. With community input, this proposal will hopefully offer a flexible space accommodating a range of functions while strengthening the cultural and visual landscape of Bonavista.

•Lauren Chan

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