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Port Union wraps up new heritage facelift
Architects from Toronto are helping with restoration in Port Union, reports Lindsay Bird
(From CBC News, Here and Now, 29 June 2013)


Here are some links to some interesting videos on Sir William Ford Coaker, the Fishermen’s Protective Union, the establishment of Port Union, and other relevant topics.

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A thousand years will come again. Cabot, cod, and Coaker
This video looks at the history and settlement of communities on the Bonavista Peninsula (particularly Bonavista, Trinity, and Catalina). The fishery, W. F. Coaker, the establishment of the Fishermen’s Protective Union of Newfoundland, and Port Union are also discussed. Hosted by Robert Pitt and featuring interviews with Dr. Gordon Handcock and Dr. J.K. Hiller from Memorial University.

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Coaker film rushes : silent images of Port Union, 1970′s
Silent footage of Port Union, Newfoundland: the harbour, fish plant, Power house; bust of Willam F. Coaker

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Newfoundlanders Remember Their Past – Josiah Kearley
Newfoundlanders Remember Their Past is a 5 part television series that was created by Extension Service, Memorial University of Newfoundland for Memorial University Television to highlight some of the films and interviews done in the past through Extension Services. Some of the film series that will be highlighted in this series is from Decks Awash, I can mind the time… and the Port au Choix Project. In this first episode of the series host Charles Callanan looks at the film series “I can mind the time…”, specifically the film “I can mind the time… Josiah Kearley” which highlights the life of Josiah (Joe) Kearley, one of the original charter members of the Fishermen’s Protection Union (FPU). As an introduction to the film Charles Callanan interviews Paul McCleod who was involved in the original filming of this interview.

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Lloyd Russell and the building restoration projects in Port Union, Newfoundland
Lloyd Russell discusses building restoration projects in Port Union, Newfoundland.

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Edith Sampson, the boardwalk construction, and the local fossil find in Port Union, Newfoundland
Edith Sampson discusses the construction of a boardwalk and a local fossil find in Port Union, Newfoundland.

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Bruce Sweetland and the local history of Port Union, Newfoundland
Bruce Sweetland discusses building restoration and the local history of Port Union, Newfoundland.

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