Bonavista 4 BIG QUESTIONS: #1

4 Questions-1


Question 1: What form should infill take in Bonavista?

How to frame the question of in-fill in Bonavista?
To fill, make full, fill up, replenish, complete, fulfill.
What if architecture was analyzed through the lens of language?

A streetscape can be analogous to a sentence, with each building representing words. Breaks, voids, open space, are moments to “fill-in-the-blank

By providing images of potential infill sites accompanied by “fill-in-the-blank” statements, the community can then project their wants and needs which will allow me to understand what is desired as the best use for these infill sites.  This creates a methodology and framework for approaching infill that can work across varying scales. Based on the responses, I will create a grid of possibilities of infill on a given site, demonstrating what the community envisions for the site. It could be a building, an object, monument, platform, sculpture, playground, shelter, gathering place, infrastructure… etc.

Infill has the potential to celebrate the cultural heritage of Bonavista while also forging a new identity, which represents Bonavista today. By framing the idea of infill in Bonavista as “fill-in-the-blank” statements that positions architecture as words, then the blank spaces become an opportunity for the community to continue telling the story of Bonavista’s past, present & future.

•Ron Noble

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